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“Get Healthy” Sunday Mar 14 Tri-Ball Tucson AZ

Sunday, Mar 14, 2021

9:00am – 4:30pm

Sunday March 14th 9AM check in.

“Get Healthy” Grass Tri-Ball tournament

Reid Park in Tucson AZ in the open space. 900 S Randolph Way, Tucson, AZ 85716

Grass Tri-Ball, “The fastest 3-way you’ll ever try!” It’s a fast and furious twist on regular volleyball, played on circular courts with 3 teams of coed 3’s playing each other at one time with one ball that can go over any net at any time. Every team of coed 3’s plays 9 games. Once those games are over, we add up the total points scored against each team to declare the winners.

We can take up to 12 teams of coed 3’s  (5 teams minimum). We’ll have only 9 players at a time playing each game on each court. Those not playing, must shag balls for the teams on the court, but also must stay separated so we don’t get hassled for being too close together.

Entry fee is $90 per team which goes into the prize fund paid out in CASH! First place always doubles their money ($180). Other prizes are based on total number of teams entered. Register by 5pm on Thursday Mar 11. No registrations the day of the tournament!

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Event Location

Reid Park
900 S Randolph Way
Tucson, AZ, 85716

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per team
$ 90.00

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Tri-Ball is a fast and furious twist on regular volleyball. Played on a circular court with one center pole and three nets stretched out from it to form three equal play areas. It looks like a Mercedes logo from above.


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