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Tri-Ball Tournament Rules:

Basic rules:

  • Coed teams of 3
  • Each team plays 9 games, on every section of each court system, playing every other team at least once.
  • The goal is have the lowest total points accumulated over 9 games. Team’s scores are added up at the end of 9 games
  • Games are timed to 15 minutes.
  • 3 contacts allowed per team.
  • Each team starts at zero.
  • Teams gain points in any situation, they would normally lose the ball in regular volleyball rules (if the ball lands on their side, if they do not get a serve over, if they hit the ball out, or have an infraction of the rules).
  • When the timer starts all courts at once serve.
  • The serving team serves until a point is scored against them
  • Serve then moves to the next team clockwise, who serves until a point is scored against them, and so on.
  • Teams must rotate positions (and stay there) every time they take possession of the serve. The server plays the LEFT side.
  • All serves and hits can go over any net.
  • You may serve immediately once all players are standing and the previously played ball is cleared from the court.
  • Rally scoring with no receipt of serve with open hands, let serves are good, no contact with any of the net allowed, block does not count as a touch. No “deep dish” sets allowed.
  • On ONLY the serve, you can attack a serve at the third team, but not back at the serving team. If a ball has arched flight, it is not considered an attack back to serving team.
  • The center pole is live play, but it can not bounce back on to your court on your third play.
  • If you hit the ball over your net and under the connecting net, it is a point against that team.
  • If you hit the ball into the second net and it runs the top or bottom of the net and drops out of bounds without being touched, it is a point against you.
  • If end of game is signaled during a play, you must finish out that point.
  • Teams not playing actively on the court must shag balls for those who are. If a player or team does not, they receive a 10 point penalty added to their score. A player sitting to keep score is exempt from this penalty.


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Tri-Ball is a fast and furious twist on regular volleyball. Played on a circular court with one center pole and three nets stretched out from it to form three equal play areas. It looks like a Mercedes logo from above.


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